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The Peace of ChristSample

The Peace of Christ

DAY 3 OF 3


The peace of God crushes the enemy! It has crushed the thoughts that can lead us away from God's Word. It reigns! It takes over, it declares that the Word of Christ is victorious!

It's a choice you make in difficulty, to lean on God's Word. For you know that God changes times and circumstances.

The Word of God declares that "the God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet". So there's a whole spiritual dimension that takes place where God's peace reigns.

God crushes the enemy underfoot, making my enemies my footstool, so I can start moving forward!

In fact, it's my enemies who become my stepping-stones so that I can go further, higher.

When you let God's peace take over your hearts, it's as if you're turning the situation against the enemy, and that situation that should have affected you, put you down, held you back then becomes a stepping stone for growth, for advancement!

The more the enemy tries to affect you, the more stepping stones you'll have to rise up into what God has planned for you!

Let's pray together:

Lord, thank You for the weapon of Your peace! The enemy is defeated and what he does contributes to my growth! Fill me with your peace now. In my difficulty I lean on You and declare that the enemy is under my feet! Amen.

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Jérémy Pothin


Day 2

About this Plan

The Peace of Christ

The peace of Christ is what we should be looking for in difficult situations. But what does this mean in concrete terms? I simply want to answer this question biblically, and encourage you to grow in this peace.

We would like to thank Jérémy Pothin for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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