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The Peace of ChristSample

The Peace of Christ

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What's interesting in this verse is that this word "reign" is a Greek word that could be translated as "referee" or "one who directed a public game".

This referee was the governor of the game, the one who decided who would win. The words used are very important in God's Word!

This word "rule" refers to a referee; what we need to understand is that the peace of Christ must be the referee in our hearts. When you experience difficulties in your life, when you go through battles, you must let the peace of Christ decide who wins! And Christ's peace is linked to His Word!

The text goes on to say in verse 16 "let the word of Christ dwell in you in all its richness". If the word that is Christ dwells in me, and I go through a time of difficulty, then I am able, through His peace, to walk in victory by relying on His word.

His peace dwelling in our hearts doesn't mean "absence of difficulty" or "absence of confrontation". No, it simply implies that, if I let His peace reign over my heart, then I choose to trust Him.

It's as if I say to Him, "Lord, what I'm going through is difficult, but I've decided to rely on Your word.

At that moment, the peace of Christ reigns in our hearts because it acts as an arbitrator who has decided who will be the victor.

The winner is the word of Christ dwelling in our hearts, manifested through our trust, our faith in Him! When you're in that attitude, you're fulfilling what God's Word declares and, as a result, peace reigns in your hearts.

Let's pray together:

Lord, I choose to devote more time to your word, to meditate on it and let it examine me! Your word is precious, You are the word! And today I choose to place your word at the center of my life! Amen.

Jérémy Pothin

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About this Plan

The Peace of Christ

The peace of Christ is what we should be looking for in difficult situations. But what does this mean in concrete terms? I simply want to answer this question biblically, and encourage you to grow in this peace.

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