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God's Redemption Story (The Prophets)Sample

God's Redemption Story (The Prophets)

DAY 1 OF 40

Isaiah Week 1 – Day 1

The Old Testament can be a tough read, particularly the prophets. They all seem to have the same message—you sinned and God is angry. Those harsh words may scare us or even tempt us to run from God, but we need to find God’s truth. Digging deeper, we see that God has had a plan from the beginning to save us.

The book of Isaiah opens by condemning sin, but only gets to verse 16 before God provides a solution. By verse 18, he’s promising to clean and restore us. Condemnation and death were never God’s plan for us. He loves us way too much for that. All we need to do is turn to him and obey.


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God's Redemption Story (The Prophets)

From Genesis to Revelation, “God’s Redemption Story” outlines the narrative of God’s plan for the reconciliation of humanity. This 12-part reading plan summarizes the story of the Bible. As we read through the prophets w...


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