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Confronting Fear in PersecutionSample

Confronting Fear in Persecution

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Jesus' disciples stayed close to Him from the day they decided to follow Him until He was crucified. However, at the first sign of persecution, they did not follow, but they fled! When there is a threat, fear is a normal human emotion. If these disciples had no fear, they wouldn't be human! Fear prepares us either for FIGHT or FLIGHT. They couldn't overcome their fear of persecution and death, so everyone fled when Jesus was caught and crucified. We, too, are vulnerable in our moments of fear. Although we confess, like Peter, that we will never deny Christ, we can do so unless we rely on the Holy Spirit.

Even the young disciple mentioned in the verse ran away for his life, leaving the cloth that covered his nakedness. However, their stories ultimately show they never gave up on the Lord! Most scholars suggest this young man was Mark, the author of the gospel. What a stunning turnaround! He raised them from the throes of persecution to build His Church! You may be one of those who fled in the midst of persecution because of fear, but you still have the opportunity to return and rebuild the Church.

Commit and Pray

Have you repeatedly run away from the call out of fear of persecution?

Let us pray to come back to the purpose and build the Church, although once we ran away out of fear of persecution.

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Confronting Fear in Persecution

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions when someone is being persecuted. Attacks, imprisonment, closing of churches, and the death of loved ones and fellow believers due to faith can all leave us feeling fearful to mo...


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