Christ The King

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 King David in this passage prefigures Christ.  He becomes the king for all the people and makes a covenant with them.  Having grown-up as a shepherd boy tending the flock, he now becomes the shepherd of Israel as Jesus will become in its fullest and truest sense around 1000 years later.

As we pray this scripture we remember the covenant relationship God undertakes with his people, with us.  This unbreakable promise that God will always be OUR God.  That God will be King and Shepherd to us for all eternity.

God’s love for us is unbreakable and not dependent on us.  We are created from his very breath, as the people say to David we can say to God, “Look, we are your bone and flesh.”

As you pray, pray for deeper connection to the Lord and a greater understanding of God’s love for you.  Pray also for earthly rulers: monarchs, presidents, chancellors, prime ministers, etc, that they would be guided by God in their leadership of nations and peoples.