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Finding Security Amidst the Storms: How to Find Your Secure Attachment in God-With-UsSample

Finding Security Amidst the Storms: How to Find Your Secure Attachment in God-With-Us

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When you walked into the room as a child, how did your dad greet you? Imagine your dad at work, sitting in the corner behind a stack of paperwork on his desk. Now you peek around the corner and yell, “Daddy!” What happens? What does his face look like? Do you come in and jump onto his lap? Do you wonder if he heard you? Does he scowl? Does he put his index finger up, letting you know he doesn’t have the time right now?

Now imagine walking into a room where God is “at work.” What happens? Does He put out His hand and ask you to wait because He’s busy? Or does His face light up as He holds out His arms and welcomes you with eagerness?

Next, visualize walking toward God the Father with the brokenness of your sin in your arms, the aftermath of your rage still knotted in your stomach, your computer with pornography still open, Jack Daniels still on your breath, your words slurring as you stumble forward. Tell me what His face looks like now.

The prodigal son was expecting full-on wrath. He had humiliated his dad by asking for his inheritance before his father’s death, and now he was crawling back home hungry after gambling away his dad’s legacy in a Middle Eastern Vegas. He could no longer afford even a 4 for $4 from Wendy’s. He got a job at a pig farm and spent his days smelling like pig slop as he considered sharing their food before lying down to sleep. In complete desperation, the prodigal limped home, remembering his dad’s servants didn’t have to root through the trash for supper. As he got closer, he rehearsed what he was going to say, fully expecting to hear “I told you so” or “Get out of my sight.” He expected a face turned away, but instead his father’s face looked like a sunrise—full of complete and utter joy—nothing but welcome. Before the son could even repent, his father threw a coat over his son’s dirty jeans and T-shirt and phoned home for steaks to be put on the grill.

He was expecting wrath, but instead he saw his dad running toward him, having never looked away. He was expecting anger but received a “Welcome home.”


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Finding Security Amidst the Storms: How to Find Your Secure Attachment in God-With-Us

Because of wounds from our childhoods, we begin viewing God through the lens of our experience with our caregivers’ personalities. We often give God human limitations that look similar to our parents. We begin to think t...


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