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Wealthy Women Prosper

DAY 1 OF 10

Wealthy women prosper. They prosper, not because of a lack of challenge or difficulty, but because of and despite it.

I was leading a morning mediation a few weeks ago, and in my prep, I asked God if everything I had to go through to get to where I am was really necessary. “God, did it really take all of that?”

Through tears, I asked God that question as I recounted some of the difficult seasons and trials I’ve encountered. Immediately, the Holy Spirit affirmed yes.

Sometimes, in our humanity, we hope and pray for the easy path, which is typically the path of least resistance. It makes sense because everyone appreciates it when things are easy.

We appreciate an easy bonus at work. We like it when our children do exactly what we say the first time we say it. We love the ease of a good friendship that feels like home, and we are happy with a good report from the doctor. We prefer it when things come together easily.

While it’s perfectly fine to have an appreciation for ease, we don’t often realize that it is resistance that causes us to become stronger, grow in spiritual maturity, and cultivate a spiritual reservoir large enough to hold the blessing God has for us…you know - the one you’ve been praying to receive.

In my morning meditation, God reminded me that the healing I now have, the love I now have, the abundance of healthy relationships I now have, and even the financial stability I now have were all the outcomes of a certain amount of resistance that He allowed in my life.

If you’re reading this plan, I know there are areas in your life where you are wealthy, and I know there are areas where you desire more wealth, God’s way. If you agree, you’re in the right place. For the next 9 days, we will explore becoming a wealthy woman by examining the “how” that God has laid out in patterns in the Bible, with clear instructions.

Wealthy women prosper, and we continue to prosper with infinite returns from God for the sacrifices we have made, the posture of surrender in our spirits, and the submission (sub = under; submission means under the mission) we foster to God’s plan.

God led you here for a reason. Let’s prosper together, shall we?

manifestHERdaily Question of the day: What challenges did you encounter that built the resistance you needed to become stronger that you can now see has led you into an area of wealth?

Affirmation of the Day:

Wealthy women prosper, and I affirm today that I am a wealthy woman. God saw my sacrifices, and He turned them into investments in His Kingdom. My Father is causing all things to work together for my good because I love Him and am called by Him to fulfill a beautiful purpose. I receive infinite returns on my investment because my Father in heaven loves me. He cherishes me and causes me to prosper in every season and in all things.


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Wealthy Women Prosper

Wealthy Women Prosper, by BWFwoman for manifestHERdaily takes you deeper into the "how" behind becoming a wealthy woman, what a wealthy life looks like, & how to access limitless supply. Prepare yourself to walk boldly i...


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