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Anti-Venom: The Word of God

A strike to your mind can determine the course of your day, week, month, or even year. God has bestowed upon us a formidable tool capable of reshaping our environment based on the things we most deeply contemplate. Understanding this, the enemy endeavors to undermine this powerhouse by deploying the debilitating weaponry of negative thinking—thoughts that assail your self-esteem, that cast doubt upon your self-worth.

Thankfully, we are fortified by the Word of God, which reveals our identity in Christ. Today, choose to concentrate on what God declares about you, dismissing all other self-deprecating thoughts that contradict His truth. They are falsehoods, and your existence is nothing short of a miracle.

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In the Bible, the adversary is depicted as a serpent. Delve into this devotional to explore the various forms of venom he releases upon the global church, while discovering how God arms us with the antidote found within ...


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