Come & See: Life Lessons From Women In the New Testament

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Come & See: Martha’s Priorities

I love being a hostess.  Showing hospitality and making others feel welcome in my home matter a great deal to me.  However, I have been guilty of focusing so much more on serving, that I miss out on enjoying time well spent with my family and friends.

It seems that Martha and I have a few things in common.  She was known as a doer, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that she was serving Jesus during His visit to her home.  However, she complained when her sister Mary didn’t help her, but chose to sit at the feet of Jesus instead.  Jesus’ response to Martha was that she should change her focus from her worries to what mattered more.

Martha was not doing anything terrible.  Taking care of her guests was commendable.  The problem was that she allowed the busyness of life to distract her from what was really important.  Her priorities were a little mixed up.  Maybe you’re like Martha.  You love God and really want to serve Him, yet you struggle in this area.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do I have my priorities in order? Am I distracted or worried about many things or am I focused on Jesus? Have I put devotion to Christ and His Word first or am I more concerned about serving?

How many times in our lives do we get so caught up in doing ministry or trying to do God’s work that we forget that it’s all about the relationships? How can we refocus our priorities on these relationships?

  • With people - Be intentional about spending quality time with others. No distractions.  When you are with someone, be all there.
  • With God - our most important relationship.  Spend time in prayer and read God’s Word.  Include some quiet time as well, listening for the message He has for you.

The time with God and others can truly strengthen us, then we can serve with less stress and more joy!