Come & See: Life Lessons From Women In the New Testament



Come & See: Priscilla’s Purpose

As a married woman, I have believed the lie that “I’m just a wife.” After all, my husband is the the leader of our family and the breadwinner. What could I have to offer that would bring glory to God when my husband was so talented? I didn’t understand the fallacy of that thought until I received the revelation of what a godly wife is.

Priscilla’s life shows us that a wife is “one who comes alongside her husband, respecting his God-given leadership in a way that shows respect, yet strength" (Ashley McIlwain). Priscilla is seen sharing the same occupation with her husband, Aquilas, as a tentmaker. They worked humbly and diligently as unto the Lord. They were also beloved friends to the Apostle Paul and labored with him to win souls for the kingdom of God. As if that wasn’t enough, both Priscilla and her husband were loving teachers to Apollos, who wanted to evangelize but had limited knowledge about salvation through the Cross.

Priscilla helped equip others. In other words, she passed on what she learned and knew to be true, in order to help others be the best version of who God created them to be.

You can do the same by being:

  • A team player through contributing, encouraging, leading and participating
  • A loyal friend
  • A gentle, humble teacher

One of the greatest joys of my life has been serving alongside my husband. We have had the privilege of encouraging couples and helping them navigate through the ups and downs of life by sharing our own life experiences.

God has given you a gift to bless others, so pass it on! The seed you plant will cause many to bloom for His glory.

Be inspired by this song recommendation: “Legacy” by Nichole Nordeman.