Prodigal Heart

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What is the Setting to Your Story?

The setting of my story is New York in the eighties, a multicultural home with Christ in its center, a loving family, but also much suffering. That was my beginning.

What is your setting? Take a look back at your past. Maybe you were raised in a nurturing and stable home environment, or maybe you were abused in more ways than you can count. Perhaps you had a parent missing from home, as I did.

I know it may be hard to believe that any of the bad things that have happened in your life will ever work for good, but please believe me when I say they will! I am living proof of it.

In God’s hands your setting becomes a powerful tool with which He positions you in a place of destiny where you could not have been otherwise. By letting your setting rest in God’s hands, you will come to a place of decision and choice, a place of acceptance of God and rejection of sin and the past, but most of all a place of perfection within God’s plan for you.

While you will inevitably stumble along the way, as you persist with hope in our heavenly Father, He will indeed craft your circumstances into the biggest blessings—ones you couldn’t have received otherwise.

Have you allowed your setting to bring you closer to God?