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Your Different Destination

Currently, there is a refugee crisis in our world. War, famine, and political unrest has driven around 65 million people from their homes. In Scripture, God’s people were often refugees and foreigners. Adam and Eve had to leave the garden. Throughout history, God’s chosen people were slaves in Egypt, wanderers in the desert, and refugees in Babylon just to name a few moments. Jesus left His home in heaven to enter our world, and after He did, His parents fled their home with Him to Egypt to save their lives. 

In 1 Peter 1:1, Peter said he was writing to God’s chosen people who are living as foreigners. The root word he used in the original language was parepídēmos, which means stranger, sojourner, or someone passing through. He wasn’t just talking about their location, he was talking about their destination. Peter was reiterating a theme found throughout God’s story that would set the groundwork for his letters. Peter wanted the early Christians, and all Christians, to know this world, as it is, is not our home. We are different. We are strangers passing through. This world may be our current location, but we have a different destination.

We are different, not because of our location, but because of our destination.

Our marriages are different, our calling is different, our morals are different, our appearances are different, our response to suffering is different, our words are different, and our families are different. Why? We are different, not because of our location, but because of our destination. You may live in the place you were born, but if you follow Christ, you’re a foreigner in the world. 1 Peter 3:22 reminds us Jesus is no longer a sojourner; He is home sitting next to His Father—and your Father. In verse 18, Peter told us Jesus suffered for our sins to bring us to God, to our home. 

As you read 1 Peter chapter 3, consider how your destination should affect your direction. Does my marriage point my spouse, my family, and my friends toward God? Do my conversations, favorite shows, and gut-level reactions look like I’m headed toward God? Do I work, spend money, and lead like someone who’s following Jesus home? In general, do I look more like my location or my destination?

Pray: God, thank You for making a place for us with You in eternity. Thank You for sending Your Son and the Holy Spirit to our world to make a way for us. I ask You to help me direct my life, all of it, toward You. Amen.