The Presence Of God

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God's Unconscious Presence

At first Jacob felt nothing. He had just left home and was running from his brother, Esau, who was bent on killing him. Jacob knew he had done everything wrong. Where was God in all this?

Jacob reached “a certain place.” He felt nothing when he arrived there. He was tired and scared. Expecting absolutely nothing, he took a stone for a pillow, put it under his head, and lay down to sleep. And then God stepped in—with a dream.

The unconscious presence of God only means that we feel nothing when He is present. His presence is very real—very real indeed. But a sense of Him is kept from us. We feel nothing whatsoever, but He is there as much as when we feel Him.

We need to remember this in all aspects of our lives. It is true when we have messed up and our closest friends or loved ones misunderstand us or reject us.

We must honor God when we feel nothing. We must worship Him when we are tired and afraid. In our weakest moment—yes, even in our most embarrassing moment when we feel we have done everything wrong and nothing right—God is absolutely there.