The Presence Of God

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Feeling God's Presence

To what extent may you and I feel God’s presence today?

Far more than many of us have realized.

The Holy Spirit can bring heaven forward. When we get to heaven, we will be glorified. Glorification will mean the absence of sin, temptation, sorrow, tears, death, pain, insecurity, and worry. Seeing the face of Jesus directly and immediately will make this happen. Feeling His presence now is but a taste of the glory to come.

No experience of God—whether miracle, healing, sign, or wonder—will utterly remove the need for faith in this present life. And yet I will admit that sometimes God may make Himself so real that—for a while—you feel you don’t need faith. But that feeling will not last indefinitely. The memory of it, however, will last and will keep you encouraged. I myself experienced the living Christ interceding for me at the right hand of God for a few moments many years ago. I can remember it being as real to me as anything I ever saw in my life.

I pray that this devotional will be a means of motivating you to a closer walk with God and will result in you experiencing His glorious presence.