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Compassion: God's Compassionate HeartSample

Compassion: God's Compassionate Heart

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Compassion: God's Compassionate Heart

When God describes his character to Moses, the first word he uses is compassionate. This comes at an important moment in the biblical story. Just before this, God invites the people of Israel to make an agreement with him. But almost immediately after accepting his offer, the people violate their agreement by entrusting their lives to physical objects, or idols, that they make themselves.

Grieved and angered by the broken relationship, God prompts Moses to fulfill his role as mediator and cry out for his people. And when Moses asks God not to give up on Israel, God shows his compassion by welcoming Israel back into the covenant relationship with him.

The Bible makes it clear that none of us will love God perfectly. But in the midst of our failures and unfaithfulness, God always meets us with compassion and continues to invite us back into a loving relationship with him. Everything he does is aimed at restoring and healing us. He is for us, no matter what.

There is deep comfort in knowing that God’s compassion is central to his character. He is tenderhearted and merciful toward us always.


Take a moment to reflect on the fact that the God of the universe, who placed the stars in the sky, formed the mountains and sustains your every breath, is full of compassion toward you.

When have you experienced God’s compassion in the past? What was that experience like?

What does it look like to extend the same kind of compassion to others?


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About this Plan

Compassion: God's Compassionate Heart

In Exodus, God describes himself as compassionate. But what does being compassionate look like? In this 5-day plan, you’ll explore God’s compassionate heart and discover how you can show compassion, even to your enemies....


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