Love Leads

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The Case for Love

If God is love and we have not love, how then shall we lead?

People need love more today than ever before, but business leaders have been too busy to love their teams. There always seems to be higher priorities than taking time to show compassion. It’s so easy to bark a command and then expect joyful compliance. Sometimes all that is needed to demonstrate love is a kinder tone and better language when asking for a job to be completed.

As leaders our goal is to meet certain profit or productivity metrics. As followers of Christ our mandate is to model the character of Jesus in all we do. The two are not mutually exclusive. Love should never be abandoned in pursuit of the bottom line. Everything we do—whether at work, at home, or in our day-to-day interactions— should be done in love. Our leadership is no exception.

Love motivates everything God says and does— including His wise leadership. “God so loved” that He made a plan. He gave us His Son, thus demonstrating that giving is loving. He’s a sacrificial giver, a life giver, a reward giver. God is the greatest giver of all. Indeed, we can’t out-give God—but we can try to love people as He does.