Hey Girl Devotional

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Choosing God in Any Season


Devo: I have been afraid of the dark as long as I can remember. I hate that feeling when I walk across a dark room to reach the light switch and it feels like the room is closing in on me. I know in my mind the walls aren’t actually moving, but darkness has a way of making me feel vulnerable and exposed.

I have had many days, weeks, sometimes even months, where my life felt a lot like a dark room, depression, anxiety, or just tough stuff in life, left me feeling vulnerable and exposed. I felt that familiar weakness in my knees I get when I don’t know where my next step will land or if I am even stepping the right way. Fear felt like it would suffocate me as I considered whether to stop walking and resume the fetal position.

It was in one of those dark hours that God spoke these words to me through the Psalms, “even the darkness is not dark to Me...darkness and light are alike to Me.” I find comfort knowing that God is not waiting for me on the other side of my darkness ,and that my darkness is not darkness to Him at all! I cling to this Truth: knowing that God is the same in the darkness as He is in the Light!.

Thankful: What are some of the dark places God has walked with you through?

Song Suggestion: “Red Sea Road” by Ellie Holcomb