Hey Girl Devotional

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Walking with God


Devo: I’ve always wanted to be a runner. You know, one of those people who can effortlessly run a 10k, love every minute of it, and feel so energized afterwards. But I am not one of those people. I start lightly jogging and I am winded and want to quit 100 yards later. But walking? I love walking!

When we come upon hard times, we feel like we need to run. We feel the need to be “spiritual.” We want to be good spiritually, love every minute of the hard times and be energized afterward. Here’s the thing: this isn’t what God calls us to. He calls us to walk with Him. That’s it. In My Utmost for His Highest,Oswald Chambers writes, “Walk is used in the Bible to express the character of a person. God does not say, ‘be spiritual’, but He says, ‘walk before me.’”

We cannot be spiritual on our own...but we can walk with God. Walking in step with Him, reading His Word, and pouring out our hearts to Him in prayer. We can walk with Him when it’s dark, when we can’t see the way, because He is with us. He is our constant companion as we walk through this life.

Thankful: What are the big and small things that you are thankful for today?

Song Suggestion: “You Make Me Brave” by Bethel Music