Truth Pursuer: Lovin' the Law

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Marvelous Motivation

Speaking of relationship with God, that’s one thing the Pharisees lacked. The Pharisees taught the Law during Jesus’ time. They made a big show about following all of God’s rules and thought they were better than everyone else. But instead of being pleased with their actions, Jesus said, “Woe to you Pharisees, because you give God a tenth . . . but you neglect justice and the love of God” (Luke 11:42).

Jesus warned us not to be like the Pharisees. Their actions looked good on the outside, but their hearts were dark. Jesus wants us to follow His commands for one reason: love (John 14:15). We shouldn’t obey God because we’re afraid He’ll strike us with lightning if we don’t. We should do as He asks because we want to express our love back to the One who laid down His life for us!

Think about it this way: Mom asks you to clean your room. You do it, while grumbling and slamming things around. What does that say about your heart? Instead imagine cleaning your room before Mom asks, to give her a pleasant surprise. Which job will make Mom and you happier-the chore done grumpily or the cleaning done out of love?