Searching For Significance


The Adoption — Part One

The Great Separation

Before we can truly dive into the purpose of our lives, we must first explore the significance not only of being made in God's image but of being adopted into his  family.

 When Adam and Eve sinned, the perfect world that God created was corrupted. Sin marred our perfect relationship with him too.

 Because of their sin, God had to banish Adam and Eve from the garden. But it was not only their banishment; it was the banishment of all mankind. No longer could we walk in the garden with God, face to face. No longer could we stand before him, unashamed.

At this point of the biblical narrative — just three chapters in! — everything goes wrong. If that’s where the story ended, we’d likely feel upset, outraged even! Where’s the love in this situation?

 We see it played out over the centuries as God introduced a way for man to be temporarily reconciled to him. But it came at a cost — the Israelites were commanded to live by many laws and regulations to keep them in right standing before God. They had to offer sacrifices on a continual basis to be cleansed of their sins. The rigors of following those laws must have been exhausting! So many do’s and don’ts to live by. And no matter how hard they tried, they always fell short of God’s perfect standard.

 But God made a promise: He would one day pay the ultimate price so that we could stand before him, purified and redeemed. He would give his only Son to die on our behalf, saving us from our sins. And with the shedding of the Savior’s blood, the continuous sacrifices would no longer be necessary. We would be cleansed before him, forever! Our perfect union would be restored, though we would have to wait a little longer to talk to him face to face. 

Points to Ponder: 

  • When you read Adam and Eve’s sin, do you see yourself in them? Do you see the ways that you have been tempted to sin, or ways that you’re currently being tempted? What are you doing to resist temptation?
  • Since you’re living on the other side of God’s promise — one where it’s already been fulfilled — you’re able to come before him redeemed. What ways do you see God’s grace at work in your life as a result of your eternal redemption?