Searching For Significance


The Commission

Hearing the Call

One of the ways we bring God glory is by answering the command Jesus gave us before he returned to heaven, often known as the Great Commission.

It might seem like a cliché verse because it’s often overused. But these are Jesus’ last recorded words — this command must be something he wants us to obey!

What does it look like practically to live this out though? Do we all have to move to a foreign country to obey Jesus’ command?

The Command to Make Disciples

There are two common responses to these verses: either become a missionary or stay at home and support the missionary. Some people view one as more important than the other, but the truth is that we’re all meant to go and make disciples. However, that doesn’t mean we all have to move overseas. We can make disciples right in our own backyard.

Wherever we are —the grocery store, our kid’s soccer game, our job — we are called to be a light. We need to remember that both our neighbors and those living on the other side of the world all need to hear about God. Yes, the need may seem greater for the people groups around the world who don’t have the gospel. But those in our everyday lives still need to hear it too.

What are you doing to share that understanding of significance with the world around you? Are you helping point people toward the only One who will truly satisfy their thirst for meaning and significance?

Be a light to the world. Go and make disciples. Be an image-bearer who points others back to God — because they too are desperately searching for him, and you can be a living testimony of his hand at work in your life. Just let him use you for his glory. That’s when you’ll find the significance and purpose your heart so desperately longs for.

Points to Ponder:

  • Who can I be the hands and feet of Jesus to today? Who needs to experience the light of Christ shining brightly in their life?
  • In what ways can I live out Jesus’ command to make disciples in my own corner of the world? How can I become involved in answering that calling for the nations too?                                                                           

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