Living Out Of The Box

Living Out Of The Box

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“For this is how God loved the world: He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent His Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through Him.” -- John 3:16-17 NLT

You probably heard us talking a lot about Jesus at RAVE, and most likely you’ve heard the name before, but do you really know who He is?

Jesus is the Son of God. He was born from a virgin named Mary. Jesus was a human just like you and me, but He was also fully God. I know, it’s kind of hard to wrap your mind around that, but it really is true. Because He was a human, He understands what it’s like to struggle, to be tempted, to be tired, to be lonely, and to be ill. But He lived His entire life without sinning or doing anything wrong! 

When he was 30 years old, He began sharing the love of God with people, healing people, and performing miracles. He did this for 3 years. Many started following Him and He especially called 12 to be His friends and walk with Him. Not many people were happy with what Jesus was doing, and they began working out a plan to kill Him. They even got one of his friends involved in it. Jesus was arrested, put on trial, and the people decided He should be put to death. Jesus was beaten and then hung on a cross to die, but it was God’s plan all along. He died on the cross and was put in a tomb, but 3 days later He rose from the dead! 

His death on that cross is what made the way for all of us to get to heaven and to have a relationship with God right now. He took on the punishment for the wrong things we’ve done in life, that He didn’t deserve, so you could be with Him one day in heaven. That’s where He is right now, in heaven with His Father, waiting for the day you’ll get to see Him face to face!

Jesus is so in love with you that He was willing to die for you. Even if you were the only person that He could save, He still would have died on that cross for you. He’s desperate for you, and He wants to be your friend. He’s always there and will never leave you on your own!

This is what real love is. It’s a willingness to give everything, even your life, to save someone! God’s love for you is never ending, and He is relentless in wanting a relationship with you.

Action Step:
Take a minute or two and really think about how much God loves you. Let the truth and fullness of His love sink in. Get out a pen and paper and write a thank-you note to God for sending His son to die on the cross for your sins.

My Prayer: 
Jesus, thank You so much for Your sacrifice and dying for my sins! Thank You that Your love for me is relentless, and I get to have a relationship with You right now. Help me to see and experience Your love more and more. Amen.

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Living Out Of The Box

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