Expand Your Prayer Life

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Praying A to Z

Life is filled with many routine tasks. Things that you can do without much thought — like tying your shoes or brushing your teeth. When is the last time you had to think about how to put on a coat? Our prayer life should never become a simple task requiring little thought. Jesus often challenged his followers with unexpected statements or actions. He said that faith the size of a tiny mustard seed is powerful enough to move mountains. We see similar creativity when He asked powerful questions in response to accusations. Amelia Rhodes uses a creative prayer approach to keep her prayer life fresh.

Listen to Amelia

Is your prayer life in need of a change? Would something like praying “A to Z” bring refreshment? We serve a God who is the author of creativity. The Bible says very little about “how” to pray. We have the example of the Lord’s Prayer and some guidelines in John 17. But there is not a long list of sayings or instructions about the content of our prayers. It is clear we should pray, but it is as if God has left a lot of the “how” up to us. Why don’t you try something new this week in prayer? Take a moment to pray differently.