Expand Your Prayer Life

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Solitude is an often overlooked discipline of the spiritual life. We all need help “unhooking” from life’s stresses to experience God’s restoring power through prayer. Solitude is a way to leave our daily responsibilities and the people we interact with. What is most important about solitude is that it is a time to be alone with the Lord. Even Jesus took time away from the crowd to be alone with God. Singer Joe Bonsall describes how he uses solitude as a way to connect more deeply with Jesus.

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Solitude is about removing ourselves from distraction. It helps us learn to engage more deeply with the Lord and mold our heart to His through prayer. Solitude and silence make space — space in our souls and space in our lives — for God to do a deep work inside and through us. This week, plan to take a few minutes each day to be alone with God. You could take a walk on a nature trail or sit beside a lake. Or find a quiet spot in a park or your backyard. Even a secluded chair in your house will work — just take some quiet moments to BE with God.