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Make Your Own Advent Wreath

Advent is an arrival or coming, especially one which is awaited. The Advent season is when we prepare for and joyously await the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

One of the most treasured traditions of the Advent season is the Advent wreath. You can make this wreath with your children out of live or plastic evergreen branches by fastening them into a circle with green twisty ties or lightweight wire. Then place four candle holders and tapered candles within the greenery. Three of the candles should be purple, and the fourth is rose-colored.

The wreath’s evergreen branches represent God’s faithfulness; they remain green during all seasons. The four tapered candles symbolize the world’s long wait for the birth of the promised Christ child.

On the first day of Advent, light one of the purple candles. You can light it during dinner and blow out the flame when dinner is over. Every night during the first week of Advent, light the same candle. The next purple candle is lit throughout the second week of Advent, the rose-colored candle during the third week and the last purple candle during the fourth week.

Although traditional Advent wreaths have just four colored candles, many modern families place a thick, white candle in the center of the wreath’s circle. It serves as a reminder that Christ is central to the holiday season. This candle is lit on Christmas Day.