ReThink Life: 40 Day Devotional

We all have 10,080 minutes in a week. The problem with time is that it quickly passes by. We’ve all said to ourselves or to someone else, “Where did the day go?” or “This week flew by.” Time is life’s most precious commodity. James 4:14 say’s “Life is like a vapor, it’s here one day, gone the next.” In today’s fast-passed culture, we have become masters at multi-tasking in order to get everything done and squeeze everything in. However, the biggest temptation is to confuse activity with accomplishment.

Too many people are busy making a living and forget to make a life. The “things” Jesus was referring to in Matthew 6:33 are the “things” that usually take precedence in our lives. However, those “things” are usually the very “things” that rob us from or crowd out the most important things in life; our relationship with Christ, our family and serving others. Jesus said, when you put first things first He will take care of all the other “things” in life.

Father, forgive me for not making the most of my time in a way that I could or should. Help me to reprioritize the “things” in my life so that I can place you first in my life. Give me wisdom to know ways I can restructure my schedule and finances in order to better serve you and others in my life. Thank you for giving me the gift of time. Help me to put first things first in my life and learn to trust you to make up the difference in the other areas of my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.