ReThink Life: 40 Day Devotional

So often our priorities can say one thing but our commitments say something different. We say our time with family is important, but how much time do we actually spend connecting with each other? We say our marriage is important, but how often do we have date nights or time alone connecting with our spouse? We say giving and generosity are important, but do we actually give? We say reading our Bible and prayer is important, but how much time do we actually spend in prayer and Bible study throughout the week? God’s priorities must become our priorities otherwise we will live double-minded. When we submit ourselves to God, we position ourselves to be in alignment with what He desires for us. It allows us to say “no” to the good and “yes” to the best.

Dear Father, as I come into your presence today give me the strength and power to resist the devil and everything he will use to distract me. Today I will humbly walk in your presence and allow your thoughts, your passions and your priorities to be my own. Thank you for allowing me to experience your best for my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.