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God's Faithfulness in IsolationSample

God's Faithfulness in Isolation

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God With Us

Do not be dismayed, for the LORD God, even my God, is with you. He will not leave you or forsake you. (v. 20)

I was faced with many challenges during the pandemic especially since I am a senior. I felt isolated and alone at home. Several friends and acquaintances talked of staying connected online. Some church services and Bible studies were on Zoom too. To maintain connections with family and friends during the pandemic I wanted to learn how to use Zoom. However, when I considered the digital world, I thought: "difficult, frustrating".

In today’s reading David, as he prepares to step down as king, is talking to his son Solomon. David’s testimony to Solomon was a promise that God would never leave Solomon, based on David’s own experience through all the challenges, failures, and successes of his life. As I read this passage, I feel hope as I realize that God knows me, understands me, understands how I learn, and understands my needs.

I learned Zoom with faith that the Lord was beside me. I continued to worship God and connect on Zoom with my church through Sunday service and Bible study.

The pandemic created a world where many people were faced with unexpected situations. As we deal with unexpected situations and challenges may we look to God. May we seek and sense God with us as we are blessed to face each new day.

As you pray, ask God who is all knowing, caring, and loving to allow you to feel his presence surrounding and encouraging you and your family, friends and community during difficult times.

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God's Faithfulness in Isolation

How do you feel God’s presence in times of isolation? Senior Vaylateena Jones shares how she experienced God’s faithfulness during the isolation of the pandemic. During these uncertain times the Lord encouraged her to lo...


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