Millennial Kingdom Entrepreneur


Management and Organizational Behavior

There’s a spiritual law applicable to life and business. The law states that what a person mismanages is eventually loss. We see the lesson in Luke 19, but we also see another law in place in the same book, Luke 16. The lesson here is about faithfulness in affairs and shrewd organizational behavior which produces promotion. Adhere to the principles in both accounts, because they are very important as your business starts to grow from a home-based, one-person operation to a hiring startup focused on scale. Both accounts record mismanagement of funds, but in one there were relationships which produced promotion. You’ll lose what you don’t take care of properly, but if you’re wise, you’ll learn from your mistakes, readjust, and grow by leveraging the relationships you’ve cultivated throughout the years. Be shrewd, learn to think quickly, and build bridges. Those relationships will come in handy.