Our Modern Warfare (Part 1)

Your Irreplaceable Role in the War

Once our eyes have been opened to the realization that we are living on an active battlefield, we have two choices before us. One, we can close our eyes and allow the enemy’s lies and deceit to eradicate the desire to fight back God’s way. Option two, you can allow this information to stir your soul, put your armor on, and arouse the warrior God created you to be.

Right this very moment, the body of Christ needs YOU fully engaged in the war actively fighting for yourself, but also your family and friends. You have an irreplaceable role in the war, and the enemy does not want you to realize or accept this truth. Keeping you on the sidelines, complacent and living outside of your God-given potential, is his primary objective. By allowing complacency to disengage us from the war, we only further our enemy’s cause and make his job easier. There is no room for complacency on the battlefield.

There is a cost for every battle we lose. A consequence that affects not only ourselves but also our family, friends, community, and even future generations. In 1 Chronicles 21:1-14 we see the cost King David paid for losing a single battle the enemy lured him into. David’s pride was intentionally seduced by the enemy, which resulted in 70,000 people dying. While we will probably never be responsible for 70,000 people dying, we must remember that we are not exempt from the destruction that follows weakness and complacency.

Because of Jesus, you have what it takes to become a fierce and relentless warrior for God so that you can get off the sidelines and overcome the obstacles the enemy has been holding you down with. Victory over regret, depression, anxiety, shame, lust, worry, gluttony, addiction, and so much more is waiting for the warriors that are ready to sound their battle cry and put the enemy in his place.

I am praying that you choose option two.