Our Modern Warfare (Part 1)

Spiritual Warfare vs. Life in a Fallen World

Deciphering spiritual warfare in a fallen world can be tricky. Regardless of the situation, temptation, or difficulty you experience, God always wants us to come to Him and His Word for clarity and guidance.

Our enemy does not want us in communication with our Father; he knows firsthand the strength we gain when we seek His guidance and direction. When trying to decipher everyday life versus a spiritual attack, start by asking yourself if the situation you are facing draws you to God or away from Him. If it is drawing you away from God, chances are pretty good that you are experiencing an incoming attack from the enemy. Spiritual warfare is anything that the enemy uses against women to pull their hearts and minds away from God.

We have a powerful enemy, but he is not all-powerful, omniscient, nor omnipresent like our God is. Do not give our enemy credit for power he does not possess. Our enemy is not responsible for every bad situation or heartache we face. Yes, he does play a big role, but we live in a world with sin, our own selfish decisions, and complacency; our own sin nature contributes to the difficulties we face in our life.

The enemy cannot hear our thoughts, only God can! But the enemy has studied you long enough that he has memorized your body language and can make educated guesses based off your past. Imagine as you sit reading this, there is an invisible soldier hurling arrows of insult and lies at your brain. This invisible soldier would be able to tell when one of those lies made contact and went into your thought cycle, based on your eye movement, your facial expressions, the words you said, and so much more. This is exactly what our enemy does to each of us. Day after day, the enemy is hurling lie after lie at our hearts and mind in hopes of poisoning our thought cycle and leading our hearts farther and farther away from God’s love and truth.

Because of Jesus, we can stop the lies from penetrating our hearts and minds; we can experience victory against our enemy. Declare war on the temptation in your life!