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Beyond Belief

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Do you ever have days where all you can focus on are your shortcomings, lack of experience, or the ways you've messed up in the past? When we're thinking about these things, we might wonder if our past will keep us from doing anything that matters. And, if we're really honest, we might start to believe that God won't use us.

We're not alone in these thoughts. We see something similar happen to a leader in the book of Exodus. God's people were enslaved and suffering under the oppression of the Egyptian Pharaoh. So, God called a man named Moses to lead them out of slavery and into freedom. But Moses has questions about his own abilities and his past mistakes. But even with these thoughts, God meets with Moses as a burning bush and assures him he won't be alone — God will be with Moses every step of the way.

Moses' story helps us understand how God views each of us. See, God doesn't require a perfect resumé or unwavering certainty. And if we start to have doubts or think too long about our failures and hurts, God assures us those thoughts don't disqualify us from being used by God. When we can only see our doubts and flaws, God sees something in us. God sees us as loved, valuable, and unique. God knows you and wants to help you do amazing things. So, remember, even when you doubt yourself, God can still use you.


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Beyond Belief

The Bible is full of statements and stories that seem "beyond belief." Some sound too miraculous — like, did God really split a whole sea in half? Other things sound too good to be true — like, is God really as loving, p...


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