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God Is Love

Over the next seven days, we are going to meditate on God’s powerful and perfect love, opening our hearts to Him through His Word. What does the word "love" mean to you? Our culture defines love in simple terms. Music and media tell us love is a warm, fuzzy feeling we get from connecting with others, or a strong physical attraction toward another person. Love can also be tolerance of someone who looks or sounds different from you.

When I open the pages of the Bible, I find God inviting us to discover that love is all these things, but so much more! Love can feel good, but it can also rip your heart. It calls you to long periods of suffering, like when we ache for a loved one who is hurting. It’s sacrificial and invites us to give beyond our preimposed limits. Sometimes instead of teaching tolerance, love asks us to speak challenging, life-giving truth to someone in our space. It requires risk.

Jesus embodied God’s type of love. He didn’t just tolerate those who were different, He engaged them, challenged them, loved them. Ultimately, His love for His Father and for us led Him to the depths of Hell. His love bought our freedom and connects us to the power source from which we learn to live in His Love. And He offers us His Spirit, so that we might be empowered to love the way He loves. To discover the empowering effects of God's love, for the next week, let’s look at the One who created it and loved perfectly. For us.

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