OUTCRY: God’s Heart For Your Church



In our first 18 months as a tour we had been to 41 cities. We saw nearly 400,000 people attend. We saw nearly 30,000 people accept Jesus. It was humbling and incredible. It is still difficult to grasp the magnitude of what God is doing in and through the tour. And I have to admit, the numbers look impressive.

But God isn’t impressed by numbers.

OUTCRY is not just a tour. It was born from a simple desire to encourage and empower the local church. Not just the influential, international churches we have on stage. Your church. My church (which is not a mega church, BTW).

The Church has had its share of ups and downs. Many people seem to be talking about the demise of the Church. But what does God say about the Church?

In Genesis chapter 1, we see God using his words to create everything. By simply saying, “Let there be…,” he created endless expanses of space and time. He created the laws of physics, and oceans teeming with life. The words of God are unimaginably powerful.

And those weren’t the only things God created with his words.

In Matthew 16, Jesus turns to Peter and, with his words, creates the greatest movement in history. The sound of his voice reverberates throughout history and into today. And though this may seem lesser than creation, in reality, it is just as cataclysmic, and even more significant.

This is the movement we are a part of. During the next 14 days, we’ll be diving into God’s heart for the Church. His heart not only for you, but his heart for us.

Prayer: God, give me a heart for your body, for your bride. God, give me a passion for my church and the role you have for me. I ask you to move in great power in my church, and in the Church. Amen. 

For more info about the OUTCRY tour visit outcrytour.com, or for more about Ryan Romeo visit ryanromeo.com