Understanding Our Authority In Christ

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The BIG Picture: It’s the Fruit

The first commandment that God gave to mankind in Genesis 1 was, “Be fruitful and multiply.” The thing about fruit on trees is that it’s not there to benefit the tree, but to benefit other people. You will pass on to others whatever it is that you carry – including the authority that you choose to walk in. God never gives us something just for us. It is always about the bigger picture and the fruit of our lives that impacts others. When you walk in your authority in Christ and live from the hope and joy and freedom that is your inheritance as His son or daughter, the lives of others will undoubtedly be affected by the overflow.

It’s so important for you to know your inheritance as a son or daughter of God. It’s FREEDOM. It’s HEALING. It’s FORGIVENESS. It’s LOVE. It’s JOY. It’s PEACE. And you get to lay claim to those promises. You get to claim your inheritance. The enemy knows that he cannot hold in bondage a believer who knows his or her authority in Christ. As you wrap up this study, we pray that you move forward from a position of authority over our enemy and impact the lives of many others!

Ask the Lord: “Father, how can I begin to impact others as I choose to stand in the authority You have given me?”

Genesis 1:28
John 15:5