Understanding Our Authority In Christ

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Power of Declaration

Knowing your authority in Christ allows you to stand firm against the enemy, and it will also radically change the way you pray. When you understand your authority, you begin to understand that through prayer, you can make a declaration that whatever the Lord has PROMISED to you in His Word is yours!

Here’s what happens when we understand our authority: instead of praying for something that God has already promised is ours in His Word, we actually pray a declaration that whatever we need is already ours! We don’t pray FOR victory; we pray FROM a place of victory.

For example, if you desire peace, you won’t feebly say, “Oh Lord, life is just so hard, and I need peace.” No, you know that peace is something that the Lord has PROMISED to you in His Word, so you pray a declaration that peace is YOURS, and you are claiming it! You demand fear and anxiety to leave you. You get after the enemy! When you make a decree over your life, you demand your rights as a son or daughter of God. And to be clear, we are not demanding of God when we demand our rights; we’re demanding of the devil what is OURS because God has promised it to us, and we have the authority to claim it!

Job 22:28 says, “You will declare a thing, and it will be established for you; so light will shine on your ways (NKJV).” The Word encourages us not to just pray, but to declare and decree the promises of God over our lives.

Ask the Lord: “Holy Spirit, is there any area of my life that I need to begin to claim what is mine? If so, what?”

Job 22:28