Fast Friends, Biblical Results Of Fasting And Prayer

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It was the WHEN that got us. Jesus did not say if you pray, but when you pray; or if you give, but when you give. And Jesus did not say if you fast, but when you fast. These statements are found in one of the most well-loved chapters of the New Testament, Matthew 6, a portion of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. Much of Christ's most important teachings on living are contained in the three chapters that record that sermon.

Jesus fasted. So did Moses, Hannah, David, Esther, and the Jews. The act of removing food from your mouth, a screen from your eyes, or an activity that consumes your time to get alone with your Savior in a sacrificial fashion will cause you to enter into a new and unique presence with God. Fasting helps us focus, humble ourselves, listen for God to reveal sin, break strongholds, and send healing. It can heighten our worship and increase our intimacy with the Lord. And it makes us hungry—not for food or things...but for more of Jesus.

Are you fully satisfied—completely surrendered—or do you sense a stirring in your heart for more? Fasting and prayer can help you hear God's will and bring you into the destiny he created you for.