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Fast Friends, Biblical Results Of Fasting And Prayer

Fast Friends, Biblical Results Of Fasting And Prayer

10 Days

We all know that there is power in prayer. Prayer is defined in several ways: it is how we praise and worship our glorious Lord and Savior; it is our most powerful weapon; our open door to communication with the living God; the vehicle to confess our sin; how to find God's will for our lives and one of the ways we can hear the voice of our precious Savior. It is not very often that we hear about fasting with prayer, either from the pulpit or in our conversations as a church community. Yet, the Bible has so much to say on this subject and so many wonderful accounts of deliverance, forgiveness, and miracles that happened when God's people did fast and pray together. This ten-day reading plan will focus on some of the Biblical accounts and show us the undeniable power and movement of God when His people humble themselves through fasting and prayer.

We wouldlike to thank Wendy Simpson Little, Suzanne Niles and BroadStreet Publishing for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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