CeCe Winans - The Overflow Devo

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The peace of God is one of the greatest benefits of salvation. When we put our trust in God, His peace floods our hearts and minds. God has all power, all wisdom, all knowledge, and He knows the end from the beginning so we can rest in His sovereignty. To have peace is to be in a state of rest, quietness, and calm. It generally denotes a perfect well-being. Because of the blood of Jesus, we have full access to all the promises of God. Jesus as Prince of Peace gives peace to those who call upon Him for personal salvation.

The end result of the Holy Spirit's work in our lives is a real deep and lasting peace. Unlike worldly peace, which is usually defined as the absence of conflict, this peace is confident assurance in any circumstance; with Christ's peace, we have no need to fear the past, the present, or the future. Sin, fear, uncertainty, and doubt are at war within us. The peace of God moves into our hearts and lives to restrain these hostile forces and offer comfort in place of conflict. Jesus says He will give us that peace if we are willing to accept it from Him. If your life is full of stress, allow the Holy Spirit to fill you with Christ's peace.

God sent His son, His son Jesus gave His life, and Jesus sent the Holy Spirit so that the peace from God could live inside of us, and now we never ever have to live without it. God is good!

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for your peace that surpasses all understanding. Because of your sovereignty, my heart and mind can rest today and forever.

Declaration: Because of Jesus, I live my life in total peace.

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