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Just Don't Give Up! - Part 7: The Higher PurposeSample

Just Don't Give Up! - Part 7: The Higher Purpose

DAY 4 OF 5

Life Is Beautiful

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. – Ecclesiastes 3:11

There is a time for everything in life: a time to cry and laugh, to embrace and part, to hold on and let go. Life is an adventure, a roller coaster of ups and downs that we ride with a blindfold. No one knows what comes next. It is always a mixture of excitement and fear.

We may often wish life would always go up, but we know this wish will never come true. There is a season for everything - a season for joy and a season for sorrow. Life is not always easy, but God promises us that He will make everything beautiful in His time.

My life is not an exception. While I am blessed, I have had many downs too. Being diagnosed with cancer was one of the lowest points in my life. It was like hitting rock bottom. There were many days when I wished that everything was just a dream and that I could soon wake up from this nightmare. But it was not.

His Word was where I gained my strength. It helped me to reshape my perspective when looking at life. It brought me hope, a hope that I knew would never fail. Solomon's poem helped me to see that no matter what season I was in, God would make it beautiful in His time.

I knew that even this darkest season would also come to pass. Soon, I would be able to see the beauty behind it. Giving up is not an option. I must trust, even when I could not understand. I must believe God had designed everything for good, even when the situation didn't seem like it. I may not be able to see it now, but I know I will because His promise said so.

My friend, if you feel like you are falling into a dark valley right now and are afraid, remember you will not be there forever. You may have yet to see the beauty but know that God will reveal it to you in His time. That beauty will bring blessings to many, and that beauty will bring glory to God.

Life may not always be easy, but we can rest assured that it is a safe ride because we have God by our side. He will hold our hands tight. He will give us peace when we are afraid. He will carry us to our destinations.

Life is not always easy, but life is always beautiful with God. Invite Him to walk with you. God will turn your mourning into dancing and your sorrow into joy. What you are going through right now, God will make it beautiful in His time. You will soon see what He meant. Keep trusting God. Never give up on life. In everything, He has made it beautiful.

Nothing happens outside of His beautiful master plan.

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Just Don't Give Up! - Part 7: The Higher Purpose

Are you finding your life journey to be difficult? Are you feeling as though you are in a dark tunnel and there seems to be no way out? Are you feeling as though you are losing hope and are close to giving up? If you ar...


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