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Just Don't Give Up! - Part 7: The Higher PurposeSample

Just Don't Give Up! - Part 7: The Higher Purpose

DAY 2 OF 5

Living Witness

I had only heard about you before, but now I have seen you with my own eyes. – Job 42:5

Job was blameless and noble. He feared God and shunned evil. He also had a prosperous life. But his situation was turned upside down in just a few days. From the greatest to the lowest man among all the people of the East, he lost his business, his children, his wife left him, and his health was taken too.

Job tried to search for a reason, but he got none. Job asked “Why,” but he could not find the answer. Nothing was logical to reason about the series of tragedies he experienced. He questioned God in his humanity. Yet in all, Job did not blame God, nor did he curse God.

In his troubled days, he tried to stay faithful. His hope was in his belief that his Redeemer lives. None of his friends helped him. When Job nearly gave up, God showed up. God did not give the reason why Job must go through such hardships, but God reminded Job about who He is and how much Job could trust God for all things. Job agreed.

Soon after that, Job gained back twice as much as he had before. He lived for one hundred and forty years after that. The Bible even said that Job died only after his full years. His story was written to inspire us today, to give us hope, and to reveal that God never makes mistakes. God can turn a mess into a miracle. He has bigger plans behind tribulations beyond what any person can ever imagine.

I questioned God. Was cancer a curse or punishment for my sin? Why did it happen to me? Would this end in tragedy? Disappointment flashed through my mind. I asked many “Whys” and tried hard to find the answer. I failed to do so. Wanting to blame God because life is unfair, I decided not to.

The story of Job was an answer to me. I still do not understand why, but I learned to let God be God. I told myself to trust that in all these things, God will work for good according to His purpose in my life. I believe that my story will be inspirational, not depressing. It will be uplifting, motivating, and enlightening. With the pain I went through, I will gain much more. My story will have a happy ending.

Friend, what you are going through will be an inspirational story for many. You will be a living testimony of the goodness of God. You will be a channel of blessings and a vessel of hope for the hopeless. We do not understand, and we do not need to understand everything. Yes, life seems unfair, but God is always just. Let God be God, and let you be His living testimony. And in the meantime, live by faith, not by sight, for the sight is coming soon. It’ll be a glorious end!

I am a living witness for Christ


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Just Don't Give Up! - Part 7: The Higher Purpose

Are you finding your life journey to be difficult? Are you feeling as though you are in a dark tunnel and there seems to be no way out? Are you feeling as though you are losing hope and are close to giving up? If you ar...


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