Guardians Of Ancora Bible Plan: Ancora Kids Are Lost!

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Have you ever become separated from your family in a crowded place? How did it feel?

Jesus often told stories to people to help them find out more about God. One of those stories is in Luke, chapter 15, verses 1 to 7. It’s a story about being lost. What is it that gets lost?

Read Jesus’ story and think about being that one sheep who got lost. Being lost can be scary. But being found again is brilliant!

Why do you think the shepherd went to so much trouble to find just one sheep? After all, he still had 99 others…

When we do wrong things, or do not follow God’s way, we are like that lost sheep. But like a good shepherd, God will do everything he can to bring us safely home again to him.

Pray: Thank you, God, for always caring about me, even when I go the wrong way, like a silly sheep.

Ancora kids! Seek and find lost objects – including sheep – as you play the Bible Quests in the free Bible app Guardians of Ancora.