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The Light: A 3-Day Devotional PlanSample

The Light: A 3-Day Devotional Plan

DAY 1 OF 3

Did you know that when we keep the things we struggle with hidden in the dark, they grow? Sometimes this feels like the easier option, but the reality is that it isn't the best option for us. Living in the light is the way we have been called to live, bringing the things into the open that so desperately need God’s grace. Jesus came for this reason – to give us grace and show us the truth. He didn't deny reality but was honest. He came to bring hope into the darkest parts of our lives. When we hold onto so tightly the things that aren't good for us, we leave no room for God to move. The gospel gives us permission to bring all of these things out into the open so that Jesus can meet us exactly where we need Him. Before you move on to the next thing today, what might you need to bring into the light of God’s grace?

God, meet me where I am at today. It's not easy carrying something so secret. Give me the opportunity to speak up and find the best solution for today. Amen.


Day 2

About this Plan

The Light: A 3-Day Devotional Plan

Grace Graber presents a three-day devotional plan based on her newest song "The Light." Join her as she talks about transparency, community, and strength.

We would like to thank Grace Graber for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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