Dara Maclean - You Got My Attention

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You Got My Attention

This song came from a place of awe. Awe of Gods attention to detail, awe of the fact that He cares about the small to big, the flowers to the birds and even more to so, to me. He "perfects the things that concern me" -Psalm 138:8. He loves me enough to be that integrated and involved in everything, if I'll simply give Him the opportunity to be, by surrendering to His better way.

"The chaos makes it easy to see, it's never been more clear to me..."

I’m amazed at how God in His goodness arrests our attention amidst the chaos of our lives and longs to show us His best, if we will simply trust that's the case. Daddy God knows best and there is no comparison to the way He does things. Every day, in every moment, He is knocking on the door of our hearts (Revelation 3:20), wanting to show us "Life and life more abundantly" -John 10:10, that is available to us His kids.

Let this be our prayer today: Father, arrest our attention, show us Your better way. We don't want to run from it, but we run to it, to You and we trust that Your plan is perfect and we expect to walk in the fullness of all You have for us today.

Thank You for Your love, every day, it steals all our attention.

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