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Day 2


There are times we may feel disconnected from God. We might even try to hide things from Him. In these moments, it is easy to sink more deeply into our feelings of isolation. But there is another option. One that brings us peace, hope, and contentment. It involves remembering that everything about you is already fully known by Jesus. Paul David Tripp describes how he was able to discover this to claim an inner freedom that drew him closer to both God and others.

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Take a moment to reflect on your own thoughts. Do you tend to maintain a defensive, active “inner lawyer” like Tripp did? Embrace the freedom that comes from being known by God. Choose to lead an openly honest, unashamed life that is available to us all because of God’s rich gift of grace. And when you do, you will see your relationships with both God and others grow in depth. A freely transparent life spreads a natural light as you actively demonstrate the good, joyful results of applying God’s truths.