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Finding Financial Balance: GivingSample

Finding Financial Balance: Giving

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Kids have no problem saying, “That’s MINE!” Put two children in a room with one toy, and it won’t be a surprise if you hear the words “That’s MINE!” The crazy thing is that this tendency to say “mine” never goes away; kids are just more honest about it. As adults, we say things like, “That is my money,” or “Like my car?” But Scripture teaches that we really don’t own anything. To say “mine” about anything is to misunderstand the purpose of resources.

In Luke 12, we read about the “rich fool.” The end of the story is very sad. When His soul is required by God, the man is empty-handed. He is the example of one who is “not rich toward God.” Now think back to the beginning of the story. What does someone who is not rich toward God sound like? Listen to these words of the rich fool: “my crops,” “my barns,” “my grain,” “my goods.” One major sign of an unhealthy relationship with God is the failure to recognize that everything one has is a gift from God.

This is a radically different message from what you hear in this world. Commercials say, "Spend it on yourself. You've earned it!" But the message of the Bible sounds more like this: "The truth of the matter is that if you weren't alive, if God didn't give you your next breath, if God hadn't given you your talent and abilities, if God hadn't given you opportunities, in fact if God had not done a whole bunch of stuff, you wouldn't ever be able to earn money and have any money to spend.” The Scriptures make clear that everything you have is a result of God’s goodness to you and that He gave it to you so that you might have something to give.

When you find yourself giving thanks to God for every portion of wealth that comes your way, when you find yourself asking more and more how God would have you use what He has given you, when you find yourself using the word “my” less and the word “His” more, be encouraged. These are signs of becoming rich toward God!

Ask Yourself:

— Do I see myself as the owner — or the steward— of things that are in my possession?

— How would I know?

Pause to Pray: Oh God, you are the giver of every good and perfect gift! I thank you for giving me ____________ (Fill in the blank). Help me to have eyes that view everything in my possession as yours. Help me to treat all that is in my possession as yours. Amen.

Take a Next Step: Make five sticky notes that say “God’s” and place them on what you view as your most valuable earthly possessions. Leave them there for a week, and when you see the notes, ask God to show you how you could use that possession in service to Him.

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Finding Financial Balance: Giving

No one enjoys the stress of an unbalanced financial life. It can leave you at odds with your spouse and sideways in your relationship with God. Thankfully the Bible includes a lot of financial wisdom. This series of read...


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