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Finding Financial Balance: PlanningSample

Finding Financial Balance: Planning

DAY 1 OF 5


We honor God with our faithful planning regarding our finances. When we look at Proverbs 21:5 and 21:20, what wisdom from God do we see? We see that God wants us to make plans. Living a Spirit-led life does not mean you must always be spontaneous. Nor does planning mean that we don’t trust God. It means we trust Him to lead us as we plan. Planning requires both diligence and wisdom. We cannot be lazy or procrastinate if we want to make timely plans for our future. We have to work hard in the planning. Here are a few suggested steps:

First, decide to make a plan! Resolve to see it through.

Second, seek God’s wisdom by spending time in His Word and through prayer.

Third, ask others you trust for their guidance and for accountability. Write down some goals and share them, so you know what direction you want to go with your plan, and so they can check in with you.

Most people are just one or two major decisions away from completely changing their financial future. Not twenty, not forty, but just one or two. Your best decision today is to make a plan.

Ask Yourself:

— What are my goals?

— How does God want me to live to meet my goals?

— Do I need to increase my savings for my future?

— How can I reduce and eliminate debt so I can be more generous and also allow my retirement savings to go further?

— Do I need help from other resources to create a good plan?

Pause to Pray: Lord, I need your help in this! I need a plan; without you, my plans would be foolish rather than wise. Give me wisdom and diligence, through the power of your Spirit, to make a good financial plan. And lead me to the right people and resources that will help me. Thank you, Jesus, that you care about me, my finances, and my plans. Amen.

Take a Next Step:

1- Identify a person to support you as you plan.

2- Identify resources that will help you plan.

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