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[Song of Songs] Like MagnetsSample

[Song of Songs] Like Magnets

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THE Song

The Song of Solomon, or Song of Songs, in the Bible, is a poetic declaration of love. When looking for romance and poetry, this is the best book to read. Many people say it is THE love song of all love songs. Though scholars argue about the authorship of this book, Jewish tradition sees Solomon as the author, and the Bible calls the book the song of Solomon.

Solomon was the third king of Israel, a man of great wisdom and great wealth. He was also known for having numerous wives and concubines who in the end, led his heart astray from the Lord. In the book of Deuteronomy, a king is instructed not to acquire much silver or gold, not to acquire many horses, and not to acquire many wives, to keep his heart from going astray. Solomon sinned in all three of these areas. God is not in favor of our going after any of these things. He is against anything that can lead us away from Him.

The book of Song of Songs is about love. Maybe this was about Solomon’s first wife, his true love to whom he declared these things before his heart got off track and went in the wrong direction. What would it look like to walk these things out, in the right way?

There are many beautiful things we can learn from this book, whether we are single, waiting, married, in times of trouble with our spouse, or enjoying intimacy. In the Song of Songs, we will read words from both the man and the woman. We will see their attraction like magnets drawing them together; a beautiful back–and–forth duet between the two.

Have you ever read a love story? Have you ever listened to a love song that inspired you? Have you ever longed for love like you see in romantic movies? What if you allow the book of Song of Songs to inspire your romantic heart? Let it inspire you in your singleness while you wait for the person God has for you. Let it inspire you as a newlywed in romancing your spouse. Let it inspire you as a married man or woman to keep the spark of romance alive in your marriage.

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