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30 Days for the Life You Prayed for by Edward VentersSample

30 Days for the Life You Prayed for by Edward Venters

DAY 1 OF 7

The steps that we are going to take are simple but powerful. The first thing we are going to do is pray and ask the Holy Spirit to lead us in configuring our goals. Next, take a few moments and pray that the Lord leads you in the direction that He has already planned for you (Psalm 37:23).

Your life was predestined before the stars were created and the mountains peaked. God loves you so much that He gave you a piece of Him to create and speak, just like He did in Genesis 1.

Writing and speaking goals is a game-changer. When you begin to write down your vision, you allow yourself to see what it is you’re creating your life to be (Habakkuk 2:2). You were created to create. This is our nature and our essence. When you were a kid, you had this God-given skill. We call it imagination. As we begin to get older, life happens, and we lose a little of our imagination. Trials and tribulations set in; reality begins to shake up what we thought was real. Society tells us to fall in line with the in-crowd and fit in, but God created us to be set apart (Psalm 4:3).

So, write the goals and vision and make it plain so that you can understand them. Each thing you list must fall in line with the Word of God. After you have written the goals and vision, the next step is prayer. I hope you see a consistent trend in our new lifestyle. It consists of prayer and the Word of God. Smith Wigglesworth says, “We must be taken out of the ordinary. We must be brought into the extraordinary. We must live in a glorious position, over the flesh and the devil, and everything of the world. God has ordained us, clothed us within, and manifested upon us His glory that we may be the sons with promise of Son-likeness to Him.”

Now, after you have created this goal sheet, you need to hang it in a place that you will always see every day. No excuses and no turning back from this point. I hope you’re ready for the life that God has planned for you. From this day forward, you are a new creature in Christ.

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