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Every Day With God

DAY 1 OF 5

Think about the last BIG choice you made. It could have been something as big as buying a new car or ending a relationship. Did you do extensive research? Weigh all the pros and cons? Rely on the knowledge of trusted sources? Use past experiences as a guide? No matter what your method is, you can’t make the right choice with wrong information.

Oftentimes, we make life decisions about our relationships, career paths, children's extracurricular activities – all without having the right information. I’m not talking about Google searches. I’m talking about using the living Word of God to seek His plan in every area of our lives.

God provides us with instructions through His word and promised that if we study it and meditate on it both day and night that we will prosper in all we do (Joshua 1:8). When we commit to diving into God's word daily, we will experience the good life. The good life is the God life and we can’t choose God without choosing His Word because He is the Word.

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About this Plan

Every Day With God

Our heavenly Father loves and longs to be with us every day. This five day devotional helps us to intentionally live our lives with Him and for Him. This plan also offers more than revelation, it provides a way for habit...


We would like to thank Jovita Sheppard for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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